Anxious as hell

Anxious as hell

hello friend

How’s your day? I spent last week feeling good about myself for getting up early and exercising every morning. On Monday I had a migraine. So maybe my early mornings were too much for my body? Whoops. I’m taking this week off and I’ll try again next week.🤞

In some ways it does feel like I’m constantly being tripped up just getting back into a routine. If it’s not anxiety and depression its a migraine. I just want to get up, exercise and start the day in a good place. Hopefully next week is back to normal. I have to hope because there’s no point in beating myself up over things I can’t control. Sometimes life gets in the way. It’s fine.


This guy setup a tripod and a camera on a particularly quiet night flight and captured the Milky Way from a plane. Stunning.


About a year ago I was in Edinburgh with no plans. So I went for a walk and attempted to avoid the obvious tourist areas. My plan was to walk around the interesting independent coffee shops figuring that they would lead me places I might not normally go. It was a wonderful walk. I would highly recommend going to a city and doing an independent cafe crawl.


The view from walking up Arthurs Seat.


Looking back towards the city centre from Arthur’s Seat.


The National Museum of Scotland.


The National Museum of Scotland.


Dean Village. About 5 mins walk out of the city centre. It’s tiny and very popular with instagrammers.


The National Museum of Scotland.


mental health

So I don’t know how you’re feeling but I’m anxious as hell. There is so much uncertainty around and not knowing the right thing to do is a major problem for me. What events can I go to? The government says one thing and the government next door says another. The Guardian have published a small guide on whether you can go to the pub or swimming pool. It’s helpful.

I’m not panic buying. We’re buying what we need and maybe doubling up on things we’ll eat / need that have a long shelf life. It is important to remember that you are part of an ecosystem and you affect others. My mental health is dependent on the actions of those around me. I can’t control their actions but hopefully mine will help others.

Here’s some other information that has helped;

Try not to follow the news in real time. I know for some people it can be tough but you can’t lose yourself in the updates.

I use Screen Time on iOS and MacOS to limit my access to social media and the news. Sometimes I’ll turn it off for 15 minutes but generally I find it helps to have the computer remind me to go off and do something else.

Above all else remember to find time to talk about anything on your mind. If you are getting stressed and there is no-one to hand then I find it helpful to write. Open a blank note and write an email to no-one to simply work through some thoughts. Sometimes it is the process that helps.

Be kind. Be accepting. Be understanding. Stay healthy. Stay classy. Talk 🙂


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