Awareness of my mental health

Awareness of my mental health

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Hello friend. How are you? I’m… coping. This week has been hard work. Unfortunately too hard for me to write anything of note. Everything creative I’ve tried to do this week has failed. I tell myself its part of the process and I should do something else to take my mind off it. That then fails. Everything fails. Ugh. It doesn’t help when I’ve been physically battered by the worst migraine in years and vaccination after effects. I’m sorry. My brain just doesn’t have the ability to write this week. Can’t edit photos either. Can’t do anything. It’s all rubbish. I’m rubbish. No. I’m not. I’m just feeling that way. This is what happens sometimes. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’d say take a break but everything I enjoy has bitten me in the arse this week. Maybe I should sit and wait for Monday? Ugh.

Be safe. Be kind to yourself.


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