Europe is the best

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Brexit. It’s happening today. I’m sad. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around Europe over the past 10 years and it’s always been a fascinating, changing, warming and joyous thing to do. I’m a better person for experiencing Europe. I’ve listened and learned from alternative points of view. I’ve considered new ideas. I’ve seen the Milky Way from a beach in Croatia, the Northern Lights over Iceland, rode on a mechanical elephant around the docks in Nantes (France), discovered a love of beer in Budapest to later be educated about it in Bruges and I’ve seen the sun set on many a landscape in the company of my wife. I’ve been very lucky.

I hope to be back before the end and if it’s possible I hope to be back after it all goes to hell. I’ve pondered an Icelandic photo / knitting company. They’ve got amazing chocolate up there too. Liquorice chocolate. The UK fails at that.  Anyway. Here’s a few of my highlights of Europe.


Bruges, 2019.


The Hague, 2020.


Amsterdam, 2014.


Amsterdam, 2015.


Iceland, 2015.


Paris, 2010.


Valencia, 2011.


Budapest, 2012.


Bulgaria, 2013.


Venice, 2014


Amsterdam, 2015.


Iceland, 2015.


Florence, 2018.

I know Europe will still be there and accessible via 20 more forms to fill in. I’m deeply saddened to live in a country that has actively chosen to turn its back on being part of such a wonderful place.

I’ll miss EU.

Another vignette just for you subscribers. A brief look at Amsterdam after Christmas and before New Year.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s dip in the lake. I bought some neoprene socks to take the edge of the cold. My feet suffer the most from these dips. I’m fine after the swim but my feet take ages to warm up. Toes crossed that this does the trick. I can’t wait to be swimming around and getting comfortable enough in the lake to go in the Mersey. Long way off though. I’m being very cautious about it because I don’t want to underestimate the strength of the tide flow.


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