Happy Queermas

Happy Queermas

After spending the last few weeks wondering, “What is Christmas? Why is Christmas? Who is Christmas?” I bumped into a phrase via BBC 6 Music. Queermas.

My brain lit up. Queermas! By Jove, they’re onto something. Would it be possible to dump the issues with Christmas and instead celebrate Queermas? A time for fun with friends, found family and acceptance of one and other? Actual peace on Earth and goodwill to one and other? Is that even possible?

I decided it was and bought myself a few sequin outfits to celebrate Queermas with. I’m not going to be out sparkled by a tree. Nothing fit, but the dream lives on! Queermas 👐 Yeah!

If people can find reason enough to celebrate the not birthday of some dude who probably wasn’t even born when he was supposed to be, but let’s not talk about that because Christmas and don’t overthink Santa because he maybe a corporate shill by the Coke-Cola company who potentially has enough info on you to know whether you’ve been naughty or nice, then fluff it. Queermas! One woke AF made up holiday for me please.

All those food issues, gone. “Should I do/be…?” Nope. Don’t overthink it. Worrying about what to get the baby Jesus? Don’t. He was born 6 years BC (Before Christ) and probably not even in winter. The church moved his birthday because the patriarchy is always worried about losing power. Take all that nonsense, shove it in a stocking and leave it out for the reindeers to eat. It’s a “You be you” festival. That’s the only tradition, the only thing you need to worry about. If you are asked to accept someone else’s made up holiday nonsense, then they should hollywell accept yours.

Queermas. Friends. Found family. Fun times. Pete’s on Earth and goodwill to all they / thems.

Mary Berry everyone.

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