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How’s things? You doin ok? I was forced to bed early last night due to a migraine. I spent 12 hrs in bed and feel exhausted. It’s raining outside. It’s cold. I’m stuck inside and I can’t really look at my computer or anything too bright. Could today be any worse?  Yeah it probably could. I don’t really understand why I get migraines but when I do I take it as a sign that I should take a break from the world or at least my normal day to day life. So I’ve spent today trying to find some nice things to look at.

Probably the nicest thing I found was the TIME magazine cover of the year featuring Greta Thunberg. She’s the youngest person to be featured on the cover. Isn’t that amazing? She’s trying to save the  planet. She’s trying to affect change on a global scale not just a small local scale. What’s the point in protecting your lawn if the world around you is on fire or under water? Oh and she’s autistic too. A real inspiration.

Photo 11 Dec 2019 at 33648 pm.jpg

The cover was photographed on the shore in Lisbon, Portugal December 4, 2019 by Evgenia Arbugaeva. A photographer I’ve not heard of before but her work is really nice.  There’s a behind the scenes look at how this photograph was made too.

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I’m working on a list of my favourite photos of the year and I felt that it might be nice to share some today. The world is a truly nice place. I hope we can save it.


New Brighton


Llyn Padarn, North Wales.


Arthur’s Mount, Edinburgh


Snowdownia, North Wales

mental health

My wife pimped me out this week. Our favourite comedian, John Robertson, was doing a set in Manchester and he asked the audience if there were any questions. My wife held up her hand and asked if he would like a hug, from me. Unusual for sure. I find hugs complicated. How long is good? How long is creepy? Where do hands go? What is the scientifically proven way to hug? So there I am having to run the numbers in my head before having to get on stage and hug a comedian in front of the audience.

We both survived. I’m not going to say I’m looking to sign up for Uber Hugs and offer my hugging services but it was nice. It was a reminder that while it’s easier for me to keep my distance from people it’s better to engage with people. Actual human connections in the real world are super important for my mental health. I don’t need to hug everyone I meet but I at least need to be open to people.

So take care of yourself. Be open to hugs if you can but don’t worry if you don’t like them.


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