Issue 101

Issue 101


100 issues and 2 years in and I’m relaunching this newsletter as a newsletter+. Say hello to

“Eh?” Ok so it’s essentially the same but the site is way better. The main change is that the site is no longer hosted on Substack. I prefer to own my content and have access to the files. I don’t really enjoy being on platforms.

The main reason I’ve moved away from Substack is because their moderation policy is basically “Whatevs.” They’re perfectly content with given Grand TERF Supreme Graham Linehan a platform to spread hate on. If I ever move to a paid membership, which is on the cards now the newsletter costs me money to host, I don’t want to fund a platform that’s totes cool af with TERFs. The new platform I’m using, Ghost, is open source and I installed it on my server. It’s my little platform. All the cool kids are switching to it.

The other great thing is that I can build a newsletter and hide content from the web. This means if someone visits from the web they don’t see the weekly newsletter stuff about prints and things. It also means that I can add things in just for you folk in the newsletter. So there’s a real benefit to following via email rather than just visiting the site.

I’m doing this because after 2 years I want to make the site more of a resource as much as it’s a weekly email. I plan to add pages with links to sites on mental health, blogs, charities, etc. I want the site to be something not just another Substack.

So, sorry this is a few days late. I had server issues yesterday and the next day and the next day and… but now the site is live and much better than it was on Substack. The design isn’t final and may change. I’m calling this a beta transition period but hopefully you get an idea of where things are going.

Thanks for following along these past 2 years. See you soon…? Well, I won’t see you will I. “You’ll be hearing from me!” Bit threatening? Till next time? Let’s go with that.

Till next time.


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