hello camera

This week’s photo is from bonfire night in New Brighton looking towards the Liverpool 2 dock terminal.

You can get prints of the photos in this weeks newsletter on my print store or you can tip me on Ko-Fi so I can buy film for my camera.

hello computer

Sorry. There are no thoughts this week. Only Zuul. A dark depression has taken hold and I’d be more than happy to cook some popcorn over the all consuming fire that ends the world and watch it all burn. Sweet n salted of course. I’m not a monster.

Anywho… Maybe I’ll have time off from all this to write something useful next week?

hello world

helloooo nurse

Toxic positivity affirmations are bad, and so is this.

When life gives you lemons question what kind of god creates a universe that can manifest lemons for no chuffing reason when life could be giving you chocolate? What a dick.

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