Overload season approaches

Overload season approaches

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This week’s photo are sunrises over the Mersey from winters gone by.

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Clouds glow with orange colour behind the city of Liverpool at sunrise.

Here comes the sun

At some point in March I notice that the sun stopped streaming sumptuous red, orange and yellow rays of light into the sky on my morning walks. By the time I’m now going for my walk the sun has been up for hours, done the whole sunrise thing and is sauntering up the sky towards high noon. Instead of starting the day with a beautiful sunrise in warm colours I’m heading out into harsh light and squinting. March ends with the change of the clocks and it cements harsh light season for the next 6 months.

I noticed that last winter I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses as much. I had a peaked cap on but I didn’t feel the need to wear sunglasses every day. Winter light is so much nicer than summer light. Softer. Golden. Lower. It’s easier on my eyes. During summer I need to wear yellow tinted polarised sunglasses. The polarising lenses reduce the harsh glare and the yellow tint might be a placebo but I do prefer warmer colour tones than cooler.

The light isn’t the only change to occur. Warmth brings out more people and my sleepy seaside town begins to overflow with life. Great if you’re a street photographer interested in seaside towns, which some days I am, but not great if you want to go for a quiet walk along your usual route. Winter is wonderful because there’s so much space and hardly anyone around. The only real sounds are the waves and the wind. I am at peace in winter.

I’m also not a fan of hot weather. The UK isn’t designed for heat and when it gets hot there’s nothing you can do. Winter means you can put another layer on. Summer means you endure whatever the sun throws at you. For a time it’s nice. For a time. There’s no easy fix here. I can wear sunglasses for visual sensory issues and noise cancelling headphones for auditory issues but there’s nothing for heat.

As we move into summer time I do wonder how being autistic informs my photography. Am I more creative over winter because I feel less overloaded by the world? Less people out. Less visual and auditory noise. Nicer light. Backlit trees. Golden glows down alleyways. A distinct lack of squinting. Just wonderful views no matter the weather. Bad weather is still interesting. It’s cold but I have breathable Icelandic knitwear to keep me warm.

Summer is technically a nice season but it is hard work for me. I have a lot to work through to avoid being overloaded. Possibly more now that I wear a skirt and have to endure men gawping at me like I’ve put my skin on back to front. Thoughts for another time. For now the clocks will change and I will be irritated by the harshness of the world both personally and photographically. Bring on autumn.

Sunrise over the River Mersey. There is snow on the groins and birds flying towards the city.

hello world

A foggy sunrise over the River Mersey. The Liver Building is barely visible through the fog.

Sunrise as the Mersey Ferry heads towards Liverpool.

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