Pride Month

Pride Month

Happy Pride Month. Be brave. Be bold. Buy from indies not corps.

No big thought this week. Sorry. My mental energy went into attending a big gaming expo which led to thoughts on autistic overload. Look for that next week.

I did want to do something for the start of Pride Month. I made more art. It is… art. I’m not feeling as confident or happy as I did with the portraits. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. Art is very subjective. As I attended UK Games Expo this weekend I was sat in the Hilton bar looking at the art on their walls thinking “Is it just a series of brush strokes? I could do that!” I guess I’m not feeling it because I tried to emulate someone else’s work. While I could copy the style, a tiny bit, I couldn’t imitate their thought process that led to the end result. Their work has depth because they could explain how they got there. I simply thought “Oh I can do that!”

The idea was converting the Progress Pride flag into something abstract. I played with other ideas which may or may not work. Maybe I need surreal tension of a naked stranger to make ok work?

Watercolour styled Progress Pride colour rainbow infinity loops layered together.
Watercolour styled Progress Pride colour rainbow blobs collected together.

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