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London. A few years ago. I miss going down there for a wander.



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I’ve been trying something new this week. It’s something I’ve been meaning to sort for years now but because my work hours are totally random it has been hard to setup. What I’m doing is building a schedule. A proper one. While I’m at home and there’s nothing to do outside the house I can properly plan my day. I know exactly what is going on. So far I’ve only got 2 days roughly planned. Thursday is make and edit video. Friday is newsletter.

I put everything in the calendar. Lunch. Tea. Exercise. The works. I’m trying to build a system so that future me doesn’t have to think. He just gets up and follows the plan. In theory things will actually get done. I’ve been trying to do so many things for so many years that I’ve never started anything. Now I have full control over my world and I’m taking full advantage of that.

This is actually helping with mental health issues. There’s no confusion about what I should be doing. I already decided. Just get it done. It’s providing clarity and focus to my day. If I allow myself 2 hours to do something I need to have it done because I’ve allowed myself 1 hour after that for another task that needs to be done. It reminds me of being at school to some degree.

I have a to do app, Things, that I throw a lot in to but those are just tasks. This system basically tells me what I must do and how long I have to do it. It needs to be done at that specific time so I can do the next thing. As I slowly fill the week up with tasks I can see how it looks on a planner view and see where I can fit in things. Could I squeeze in an hour of archive sorting? Yes I can. It’s amazing.

It really is bring me clarity. So often I sit down at my desk and start something, then get distracted, then do another thing and by the end of the day I may have got fragments of something done or I’ve spent the entire day doing something I didn’t really need to get sorted but have done non-the-less. I’m great at focusing on one task and powering through but I’m not great at doing something simple for 1 hour and then moving on to another task. This system is helping me properly plan things like “email new clients” or “sort archives”. These are huge epic tasks that will never be ticked off a to-do list but I can schedule an hour to chip away at them.

This is my new thing. Making decisions now to hopefully make the future easier to navigate because the future is a potential dumpster fire with teeth and knives.

Take care all. Remember to talk.

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