Some like it hot

Some like it hot

hello camera

This week’s photo is from earlier in the year when it was cool.

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I now identify as puddle

Greetings bags of mostly water that turned to steam and are now beings of pure air. Thanks climate change deniers. So it was hot this week. Horrifically hot. My studio sat at a cool 34c for about 3 days. After going out to take photos in hotter than hell temperatures I then sat in a hot box for a few days to edit them. It was exhausting, but I had it easy compared to a lot of people.

I’m lucky/fortunate/glad that my sensory issues aren’t heat related. I dislike the heat as I can’t cool down whereas in winter I can warm up with layers. When you’re down to bare skin there’s not a lot to remove and cool. Thankfully I was able to concentrate on work and get client photography sorted. Some autistic people did not cope with the heat. Can you imagine being in an environment that is constantly triggering sensory overload and there is nowhere you can go? The room, house, street, town, county, country, continent and planet was a horrible place for autistic people to exist… well, more than normal. For me it would be like having the neighbour play bassy music 24/7 for 3 days. I would break. So while I hate being too hot I’m glad it didn’t trigger sensory overload.

Please do what you can to save the planet. It’s filled with lovely views and brilliant animals. Unfortunately there’s also 7 billion idiots here too. Let’s just put aside our differences and make the world a better place for everything that exists here.

hello world

helloooo nurse

Toxic positivity is bad. Yay for sarcasm.

Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt. Poop regret.

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