The Easter Bunny is more accepted than pronouns

Trans Day of Visibility and Easter collide. Why is the Easter bunny more socially accepted than a Trans person?

The Easter Bunny is more accepted than pronouns

This week’s photos are from a trip to Llandudno, North Wales.

The Easter Bunny is more accepted than pronouns

Easter. Could there be a more queer religious holiday? Ok, Eurovision. Sure. But Easter, maybe? It’s a festival of egg cracking, rebirthing and coming out as your true self weekend of fun that coincides with Trans Day of Visibility. Jesus comes out as an unkillable superhero and a gender queer hermaphrodite bunny delivers chocolates to kids… for some reason. Easter is nutty, like Nutella nutty.

I’m not attacking anyone’s beliefs, you be you, more highlighting the way history, fact, fiction, myths and legends take shape over time. The story of Jesus at Easter could be reimagined as a Marvel superhero movie today. Was there a Jesus? Did something close to what we read today happen? How come he was a white European Middle Eastern man? Why is his birth a fixed point and his death changeable? Why does NORAD track Santa but not the Easter Bunny? What are they hiding?

Unless you believe 100% in science and nothing else, everything is stories told through various lenses. It’s perfectly OK to get a Ms Marvel tattoo if that story gives you strength. The stories aren’t real, but the ideas can be. If the stories in the bible help you be a better person without hurting others, go for it. Star Trek and Doctor Who are my go-to for that.

It’s when those stories become dangerous to others that we run into problems. The world is fine with someone saying that every Sunday they eat a wafer and vampire-like drink wine that represents the body and blood of Christ, but if a man wears a skirt people violently freak out. Transubstantiation is fine. Transgender is not.

The other weekend I was at Sci-fi Weekender, aka geek camp. A weekend where it was “normal” to wear cosplay all day without fear. On the Sunday you pack up that part of you and put it away for a year. That feeling is crushing. Why can’t I be me once a week? Football fans can. Religious people can. Go into a city on a weekend and football fans are on every pub corner. My people? They may be around but they’re masking, hiding, trying to pass as “normal”. We have to play in safe spaces away from the world. Unless of course you’re going to a Peaky Blinders bar and then cosplay is fine.

If I sound bitter at Easter, that’ll be the dark chocolate. … Sorry. I am a little bitter. Today is Trans Day of Visibility and also Easter Sunday. Ask for an Easter egg from a mythical being and you’ll be seen. Ask for your pronouns to be respected by a real life human and you’ll be hated. What does it take for our stories to become valid and accepted by society?

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